Mike Chapman
Licensed Professional Counselor
Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor III
Welcome to the Home of Mike Chapman, LPC, CADC III and Northwest Passages
I focus in three areas of therapy.

First, I do alcohol and drug counseling with adolescents,
adults and their families with a variety of levels of use of alcohol and drugs.

Adolescent Alcohol and Drug Counseling 

Adult Alcohol and Drug Counseling

Second, I engage in therapy with adolescents individually and with their families. I counsel teenagers by guiding them to better understand their lives, to be more acceptant of who they are, and to make some decisions about how to live- all so they feel more confident and directed. I also help adolescents and their families to understand each other and communicate better so they feel more connected and the individual members can be who they are. Adolescent Therapy

Click on the following link to read an article I wrote entitled A Way to Parent a Teenager

Third, my therapeutic approach with adults involves addressing the specific issues you bring to therapy but also emphasizes looking at your life, in general. An aspect of looking at your life in general is encouraging you to live life in more alignment with who you are.  Psychotherapy

Please contact me at 503 858-8770 or at mike@northwestpassages.com for  a free consultation or to make an appointment.
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503 858-8770 NORTHWEST PASSAGES         mike@northwestpassages.com